Unsmooth Roads

We had a bit of a minor panic the other day when we went to register myself for residency in Denmark, it seems things are not as straight forward as they were for Linda when she chose to stay in the UK. There is still an acceptance process to go thought, and at first it looked like being married wasn’t enough of a reason on it’s own, however on second reading with the official we worked out it should be a valid reason. However we are also going to wait for the house sale to go through so I can show that money in my bank account as additional support to show I’ll not be claiming benefits from the get go. I’m sure all will be fine, but it an extra hurdle we thought being in the EU got us over anyway.

In house terms we are making progress on the guest wing (wing sounds so overly grand but I don’t know what else to call it!) the main room is now ready for a new floor, and the second room has it first couple of ceiling coats on. By the end of next week they should both be ready to go, plus the hall way. The main room/dinner might take a little longer though the windows are being repaired by Jørgen and myself.

All in all though things are good and starting to come together. Onward!

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