Monday Night Catchup – Assassins Creed

In order that my back log of games, that thing we all have whether we admit to it or not, doesn’t continue it’s alarming rate of growth I’ve decided to dedicate one night a week to ensuring I make at least some progress in a classic title from our collection. My first target is the original Assassins Creed, which I tried to play originally with all the HUD elements turned off. Apparently this created an experience closer to what was originally intended and indeed ones experience of the game world is far different when you aren’t just following the GPS to the next critical point, instead finding your way about the streets and roof tops of Jerusalem or Acre. However it is much slower going, and for this reason I fell behind in my playthrough, whilst Linda went right past me and completed the game some time ago.

So I’ve readjusted and re-enabled all the gizmos and instead am just planning on getting myself through the story and ready to take on the sequel which we’ve owned pretty much since release but lies unused in the game drawer. It’s still a great looking game, which given how early a 360 title it was and just how good some of the recent releases have been is quite remarkable. Clearly Assassin’s Creed laid the way for what was going to be possible on this current generation and whilst the finesse with which this can be pulled off now has increased the vision is clear to see when traversing the cities and landscape of the game world here.

I’m not 100% sure where I am in the story as it has been quite a while since my initial play, however things do seem to be falling into place for the end game to begin so I would guess a few more Monday night sessions and I will be able to mark another title off the pile of shame.. I should plan out which game will be next on the list, or maybe a selection so I have some choice.. will look into that.

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