Monday Night Catchup – Assassin’s Creed Complete

So this was more of a day catchup than a night, but hey 🙂

I have every Monday until Christmas booked off work due to having several more holidays free this year than Linda so I spent this last Monday putting some hours into a few games. I started out on Dance Central, grappling to the top of a couple of the leaderboards amongst my friends followed by some career progression in Forza 3 once my legs gave out, which let’s face it, wasn’t long.

However come the afternoon and I decided to return Assassin’s Creed to the disc drive and to push through the story, using the bare minimum of missions to get to each assignment. I must have had a good four or so of the achievements at the tipping point as they all popped for me during my standard play, things like killing so many with throwing knives, and so on which was a nice bonus.

One of the most fascinating things for my upon completion was reading through all of the emails on the laptops in the lab.Iin particular, and I don’t think this is really spoiling anything about the game, there were a couple of entries that got me thinking. One was that Africa seems to have become a wasteland, with only a few thousand of inhabitants left, though it was somewhat unclear why this was so. The second was that the US was clearly a third world power in this universe, with ‘American refugees risking crossing the strict border controls to escape in to Mexico’ Now maybe that was just a fun thing to say to mix it up, but what wasn’t too clear, perhaps deliberately, was whether that was the setting for the game or if my actions in the past had made the world that way. It was also at odds with another mail which talked about ‘Friends in DC’ which one would assume was Washington, however if the US is in such a state I was unsure what power people there would have. Perhaps it indicated another ‘DC’ that will be revealed in a future game?

There are still several achievements I would still like to pick up in the game, excluding the flag hunts which I have already ruled out. I’ve added them all to my ToDo list on True Achievements however like those in Red Dead and Fable II both of which I have completed in recent months I’ll pick them up when I’m in the mood. Or more likely on a points push. Which means I need a new game for my Monday Night Catchup as I’m considering Assassin’s Creed 2 to still be a current game so not yet part of my pile of shame and therefore ineligible for a catchup target.

The short list I have in my head is: Overlord; Batman AA; Dragon Age;

I’m currently favouring Batman as that really grabbed me at the time, but events transpired to pull me away from it having only just begun.

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