I clearly don’t belong in the gaming community.

I awake in as much bewilderment as I went to bed with. All around me my friends are claiming Nintendo have stolen the show, they are back. Thank Microsoft and Sony showed nothing whilst Nintendo blew them away with their announcement. 

Sorry, did I sleep through the Nintendo stuff? All I saw was a new controller and them some hot air about a new console. A Console they didn’t even think to show in close up. With no technical specifications, no explanation of how the online side worked, no talk of achievements or trophies or most likely ‘Stars’. Nothing. Just Vapourware. 

For all the info they gave Microsoft and Sony could have come out and announced their next consoles with as much detail. 

“Hey, yeah, the PS4 is coming, it will like play games like the current system. How cool is that!?”

Worse than that, the video clips they did show where either the standard trailers for current games being shown off elsewhere at E3 or with graphics at best on a par with current capabilities of the 360/PS3.. the same consoles everyone else is saying are getting close to needing new hardware as they are maxing out.

Maybe it’s my PC gaming background. Maybe I should just return to that world only? The world where Wii like graphics aren’t ‘cute’ they are just a sign you need a new graphics card. I certainly would feel less like some crazy guy who can’t see the Emperors new clothes of the Wii U.

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