Star Trek Online

So now that this is Free to Play is anyone trying it?

I played the beta long ago, but it was very buggy at the time, often spawning as a ship for away missions which was funny the first time, then quickly a major annoyance so I left it behind and once it went subscription I found little draw to pay.

However after downloading the client the other night I’ve now put a couple of hours into commanding my own star ship and crew but it is much as I remember. The away missions are a little dull, and uninspired, but I do enjoy the slow methodical space combat, adjusting power setups to boost shields, angling the ship to protect weakened areas, making use of your command crew’s special abilities to turn the tide of battle. The sound of releasing a photon torpedo barrage is still cool.

Frankly if the game was all space combat I would much prefer it, maybe saving the on foot sections for just story progression and interaction minimising ground combat.

Still for free it’s worth a try if you ever liked playing the old Bridge Commander or perhaps even the original Star Trek pen and paper RPG. And if you happen across the U.S.S. Stexington on your explorations of strange new worlds and civilisations then be sure to hail me. 🙂

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