My Kobayashi Maru Stalemate

Playing Star Trek Online last night I ended up in a total stalemate situation that gave me no way to win. Having completed two-thirds of a mission the final act was to assist some NPC ships in taking down a dreadnought. However, even with all power to the weapons I was barely able to lower a single shield section of the dreadnought and fire off a proton torpedo salvo, which would take about 5% of the hull down. But then the enemy appeared to have a hull repair system that was quicker than my ability to damage the ship.

To make it more of a problem, the dreadnought equally seemed unable to take out myself or the NPC ships, thus we were locked into a never-ending battle which I stuck with for about 45 minutes as I attempted different tactics to make a dent in the defences but to no avail. There simple was no way to win, so I had to fall back and warp out, aborting the mission.

I guess this situation is not uncommon in an MMO, but for some reason in the world of Star Trek it felt like there should be a way to win, some key tactic I could pull out Kirk style to achieve the apparently impossible, but it was not to be, I am no Kirk.

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