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We’re had a fair few self hosted blogs over the past few years under various website names. This latest one was to be a proper joint venture into blogging about our gaming lives. However it never really got started. With tools like Twitter around there was little need to repeat things we updated on there on a blog in more, possibly tedious detail, so we ended up not posting much at all. From time to time I would think of something to talk about, but often the topics I considered fell outside of the co-op gaming remit of the site so I kept them in Google Docs and never published.

And now with some big changes approaching for us we think it’s time to pull the plug on this site.

But we’ll still be online all over the internet of course, via our Twitter accounts, and also I have a Tumblr where I can babble on about my thoughts even if they fall outside of the realms of gaming.

We’ll also look into starting something about our adventures over in Denmark at some point, but we’ll use a hosted solution at a more popular location rather than out here in the sticks of internet land 😀

Thanks for listening those that did, and see you around the internet!

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