The old don’t age as quickly anymore.

This past month or so I’ve been playing a whole load of Red Dead Redemption, encourage like many of my gaming community friends by the excellent in depth Cane & Rinse podcast on the game. 

RDR is by far from a new game, yet thanks to the fact that it was a graphical tour de force and that we are reaching the limits of what we can expect from the current generation of consoles it by no means felt it. Of course it’s also a wonderfully well crafted game, one which provides a rich open world but doesn’t force you to have to explore every nook and cranny just to play through the story. But for those who take the time to set out and just discover the lands of New Austin it can often feel like the exploration of a real environment such is the attention to detail Rockstar bestowed upon the game. 

As someone who is about to have their household income severely reduced in the coming months, this provides great comfort. Knowing that the collection of games we have built up over the past few years will see us well entertained reducing the need to look to the new shiny all the time and just soak up some of gaming finest hours of recent times.

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