Bye Bye Office Hands

Getting into a bit of a routine working on the house now, and my hands are starting to pick up some tool induced callouses! We’ve been splitting our time between what will be our computer room upstairs and the guest rooms, though with only two weeks before our first guests to use the rooms, we really need to ensure they get priority. Besides, our removal van is not due for another week or so yet, so no rush on having our rooms ready. Though judging by the time it’s taken us to do the small office, the main room will be weeks! And that’s after we’ve split the bedroom off from what will be the geeked out living space.

We also seem to get some excellent thunderstorms on Bornholm! Not sure if that’s usual, or we’ve just been lucky. I do love a good thunderstorm, there’s something about them that help me to remember how small we are even on our own planet’s scale, let alone the universe.

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