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I can stay!

another sunny dayWe finally received word today that the powers that be in Denmark have granted my residency rights! So come Thursday I can go and register for a CPR (Tax) number and Health Card and start to feel like a true member of the Danish community. That’s a whole pile of deeply hidden stress from out of my mind, happy happy joy joy.

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Danish Icecreams

It happened. Finally it actually happened. Our house sale went through, after months of misinformation and international hold ups we have freed up our UK investment and can now fully look forward to our Danish lives. Of course there is still the issue of getting Danish residency for me but that should be OK now from what we have been led to believe. I think only then will my inner stress level subside and I can truely call Bornholm my home.
We celebrated with a trip to a handmade chocolate shop we’ve started frequenting, for soft ice. No better way really! 😉

Bye Bye English House

It would appear, almost two months after we left the UK that our house sale will finally be going though. Of course posting this is tempting fate in the extremeous, but it will finally allow me to claim my Danish residency, with only a few weeks to spare of being kicked out of the country! 

Abandoned Hotel

abandoned hotel, omg looks fucking amazing

How has no-one ever made a film here??