Monthly Archives: August 2013

Teeth Truth

I can cope with the white hairs, the wrinkles, the wavering strength and the taking ages to recover from even the slightest injury, but teeth are the worst aspect of getting older. I already have an absent molar, plus an implant, but I fear my cracked front tooth is on it’s way out. Damn I hate teeth. It’s the way they can’t repair themselves. The first signs of your body dying off. They really are such horrible reminders of mortality.

It’s been a hard days summer.

This being our first full summer in Denmark it’s been quite a change of lifestyle. Out everyday working on cleaning holiday homes has been tough work, especially in the high temperatures and humidity we’ve had. This truely is a sunshine island! On the positive side the work, along with cycling which has been a constant companion in this green land, has seen me dip under 100Kgs once more. Will this be the last time I am in triple figures? We’ll just have to see!