Bump in the road

Not so wise

Continuing our adventures with Pathfinder Card Game we’ve been struggling to overcome the approach to Thistletop. Neither of our characters is particularly wise, and so far we’ve not managed to pick up many allies or items that can boost those stats. So when the adventure has two locations that require a wisdom check to close, even temporarily, it’s real hard to get that final villain put to rest.

Of course it dind’t help our first attemt that I forgot to actually add the villian to the decks, and only loaded henchmen, but still, we’ve had some real bad luck when it counted. But we are not to be put off so easily, this will be overcome in the end and we can actually finally get to chapter two for the first time. It will be interesting to see just how much things change up with a whole new batch of cards coming into the mix.

Finding the path

Pathfinder the Card Game – Rise of the Runelords

In a rare week of no cleaning in what is now officially the summer period, we headed back to the streets of Sandpoint on our adventures with The Pathfinder Card Game. Having forgotten where we were up to last time, we started over once again. We are in fact still missing parts 5 and 6 of the Rise of the Runeloards campaign, but have them on order now so they should turn up long before we get to them. And then we always have the Skull and Shackles campaign to get to after that. It’s nice to throw some actual physical dice about after a year or so of just watching digital ones on DnD Beyond, despite their best efforts to curse us! Hopefully, we will be able to stick with this for the rest of the week and actually make some good progress.

Table Top Day 2013

Table Top Day 2013
We played a fair few games yesterday in honor of the first ever Table Top Day. Reminded us of how much we enjoy co-op games. Will have to seek out more. Also we’ve decided to dedicate one evening a week to playing, so we don’t become as rusty on the rules as we were before yesterday!

Gears of Board!

The war comes to the tabletop on Flickr.

Will take this for it;s first test run this coming weekend as part of a team of 3. Locusts beware!