Gears of War 2 – the hunt for level 100

When we picked up the XBOX 360 via my cousin Billy back in 2008 I chose to pick up a couple of games whilst it was away being de-RRoDed. Those were the racer GRID and the recently released Gears of War 2. Neither of us had ever played the original, but it was getting a lot of hype so we went in on faith. This was long before we had any support community on consoles to advise, but the bet paid off as it soon became clear there was a lot of fun to be had here. First and foremost was the co-op which allowed us to play the whole game together, always a plus point and quite possibly one of the main reasons we took to this new console so much. Linda has never really been one for shooters, although she did love playing in a sniper role in one of the old Time-Splitters games. But with the co-op option she felt safe enough to venture in as my back up. Of course being the gamer she is it wasn’t long before she clicked with the game and the whole world of FPS opened up to her. As Linda puts it:

Gears of War 2 was the first first-person-shooter Steven introduced me to that he actually managed to get me to play and it has been a favourite ever since. I like all the different aspects of the game – the story (and the collection of tags woohoo!) and also the horde modes. Many hours have been spent shooting waves of horde with our good friend Woodoggies with a lot of achievements being collected along the way. I think a lot of gamers are looking forward to Gears of War 3 being released next year. I know I am looking forward to finally having a female character to play – and yes I am one of those girls that prefer to play a female character.

The game has remained a staple of our online time since then, in particular as Linda mentions the Horde mode which we play almost exclusively with our good friend @woodoggies and occasionally with his Live buddy Darkl1ng. We’ve taken on a fair few of the challenges in the game, however the achievements, that Linda loves so much, have remained locked away behind the door of XP level, something which takes a fair while to rack up even with the hours we’ve put into the game. However Linda then came across some information…

I saw a post the other day on Twitter that mentioned that XP was times 4 at the moment with a massive times 31 for the Halloween weekend(!) so we decided to play some more horde modes and move a step closer to unlocking some more achievements.

As we were already planning on heading up to stay with Woodoggies for that weekend a plot emerged to try and at least obtain a few more achievements and potentially head towards that elusive XP level 100 during October with a hopefully triumphant weekend to finish things off!

The latest gaming session, pictures from which you will see above, included one of our all time greatest feelings. Having gotten up to wave 50 (Casual) on Nowhere we had failed to clear the round and so lost all our shields, vital in maintaining the line against the mounted Horde. However not wanting to jump out of the game to drop back down to 49 or 48 and pick some up we tried our hand at just hitting it head on. A few rounds of near instant wipes had us on the back foot. But then something just clicked, we blasted our way through the initial rush with some aggressive shotgun fire, found our positions and picked off some of the Therons that normally are the thorn in our side, then took down the remaining Bloodmounts before cleaning up the level. The feeling of real achievement amongst out little party of three thatwent with that was tremendous. Sure it was only casual, but neither myself or Linda are particularity competent at Gears2 despite all the play, and the teamwork required was of a high level. These are the days in which Live earns it’s cost!